"The only safe thing to do is take a chance." 

Mike Nichols

Innovators at forward-thinking companies know that video production is now integral to the success of brands. The team at 12 media 

With its incredible versatility, corporate video production can be used in a huge number of ways, including:

  • Live Shows & Event Recordings

    12 media offers end-to-end live show and event video production. From the planning stages to post-production we guarantee that your event will never be forgotten. We produce top-quality live show recordings using multi-camera setups, high-quality audio equipment and professional-grade post-production software.

  • YouTube Videos

    YouTube is the largest online platform for your video. With the potential for a massive audience to view your YouTube video, it's important to produce a high quality product. 12 media uses some of the latest and greatest technology to give you great video every time. Whether it's for fun or profit, we've got you covered.

  • Television Shows

    The team at 12 media have a passion for television production. We work to brainstorm, pitch, and produce television shows that inspire and entertain.

  • Short Films

    Whatever your goal for your short film, 12 media will work with you to produce a final product that you can be proud of. With our knowledge of modern film techniques we can help guide you on your short film production journey.

  • DVD Production

    With top-notch equipment, 12 media can create DVDs of your event. A way to easily share your media with others.

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